18 Beach Essentials for Mom & Toddler

Before having my daughter, my family loved going to the beach! BJ’s grandma lives about an hour away from South Padre Island. So every summer for the past 3-4 years when we’d go down to visit her, we’d always make sure to go to the beach! (‘Cause that’s just the thing to do it “When In Rome” right?)

Over the last couple of years though our family has grown by A LOT. With all of the new additions to our family, I knew this summers beach excursion was going to be different, and if preemie-hood has taught me anything – its been to always be prepared for the unexpected. So in the weeks prior to our trip I did a lot of research and “trial runs” on what to bring with us when planning for a full day of fun in the sun. Thanks to my friend Natalie, over at Adventures of a Texas Momma, for sharing a few of her tips & tricks with me when planning for a day at the pool with kiddos.

I had starting point which I then modified and tweaked to fit my families specific needs for this special occasion. I know you might be thinking…”Riaa, maybe you are overthinking this a little…”, and don’t get me wrong even I questioned myself while packing. However, since our fun day in the sun was a success, I can now say with absolute certainty, that planning for things ahead of time, especially when kiddos are involved, is the BEST DECISION you’ll ever make.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your day at the beach a success!

1. Cooler – As I said before, my family planned to spend an entire day at the beach, and nothing makes kids more hungry than splashing around in the water. So pack a cooler full of all the things you’ll need for sandwich making and you’re all set!

2. Water Bottles – Despite being in the water, your body (especially children) tend to become dehydrated faster when coupled with sun + salt water fun. So be sure to pack plenty of water to keep your body hydrated throughout the day.

3. Beach Bag – This ones a no-brainer, day at the beach + beach necessities = something to haul everything in! I found this super cute yellow one at Target & I love that it has so many pockets to hold everything in.

4. Don’t forget the sunscreen to protect you & your littles from getting a gnarly sunburn. Nothing ruins a fun day like dealing with a sunburn. I prefer the sprays to the lotions (whichever you like best will work just fine!) but when it comes to protecting my little ones face I love the sunscreen sticks! It makes it so much easier to apply without worrying about accidentally spraying someone in the eye!

5. Thank’s to Tia Mo for Scarlett’s Rash Guard swimsuit. These types of swimsuits provide extra protection against the sun and the bright colors was helpful in spotting her on the shore line while us grown ups splashed in the waves.

6. If your little one isn’t yet potty trained, you’ll definitely need to pack a few swim-diapers. Even though you’re in the ocean, no one likes to deal with a poop-y mess!

7. Puddle-Jumpers are an ABSOLUTE MUST! Make sure to pack one of these for your child’s safety. Although you probably won’t plan on going out too far in the water, it’s always a good idea to keep this one your little when they are in the water. This way if the waves happen to carry them out a little they are safe and have less of a chance of drowning.

8. Whenever we step out into any kind of water that isn’t a swimming pool, water shoes are a must! Not only do they provide better grip when walking on the sand or in the water, but they also protect your feet from anything you might step on. Let’s face it our Ocean’s are not very clean & are full of creepy crawly’s. The last thing you want to do is accidentally cut yourself on a sharp shell and risk infection.

9. You can’t go the beach and NOT build a SAND CASTLE and let’s face it, Tiny humans become easily distracted after a time. Having beach toys with you will help entertain your tiny tot when they finally tire of the waves.

10. Sunglasses are a great accessory for the beach, not only do they come in many different fun styles and colors but they protect your eyes from the blazing sun rays. Be sure to check out Target Dollar spot for super cute & AFFORDABLE styles. No need to risk loosing your high-end sunglasses on the beach when there are plenty of cheap options that work just as well!

11. Don’t forget the beach towels! You’ll need something to dry off with once you’ve had your fun.

12. Having a leave in conditioning spray will come in handy if all members of your family have long hair (like mine does). A day jumping in the waves will leave your hair a wild mess, and that salt water can dry it out pretty fast. I promise you won’t regret having leave in conditioner when tackling the tangles later on.

13. Wet Brushes are my best friend! Meant specifically for wet hair, these brushes are AMAZING! The wide bristles make brushing your hair so much easier and if you have to make a few pit stop into a store or gas station on the way home from the beach you’ll want to tame your hair as best as you can! lol

14. Aloe Gel is another one of those items that have become my best friend in the summer. Even though you’ll apply and reapply sunscreen throughout the day your skin can become dry and itchy from the sun. Having Aloe gel will provide instant relief and you’ll be happy you had it with you!

15. Swimsuit covers are a great way to provide some coverage if you get a little cold while at the beach. They also help protect you from the sun and let’s be honest, there are some REALLY cute ones you’ll want to strut around in when you’re not in the water.

16. Wet/Dry Bags come in handy when you are ready to change out of your swimsuit and into regular clothing. They are great for holding all of your wet swim gear in your bag while keeping everything else from becoming soggy.

17. An extra change of clothing is also handy to have for a day at the beach. Especially with little ones, you’ll want to change them out of their wet swimsuits and into something warm and dry to prevent rashes and chafing. It also helps keep them comfortable and a little less likely to become irritable once they are tuckered out from a day in the sun.

18. Last but not least, you know there will be LOTS of picture taking and video recording to capture all the fun you’ll be having. Most phones these days are water proof but NO ONE wants to replace expensive cameras/phones after accidentally leaving it on the sandy shore for too long. Having a waterproof case will definitely help prevent that from happening.

Beach days with your little ones in the summer time is always fun! But what makes it even better is knowing you have everything your child will need to make their day even better!

I hope this list was helpful, be sure to let me know in comments if there is anything I might have missed. Thank you all for stopping by and I’ll catch ya later!

Some of these link are affiliate links which means I might make a small commission when you buy from them.

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