Riojas Family Vacation 2020 Pt. 1

We went to the BEACH!!

Amid all of the chaos that has taken place in 2020 we were unsure what summer would look like for our little family. Over the past 3-4 years we have always taken a trip to visit some of BJ’s family down in South Texas, whether it’s to visit is Tia Stephanie in San Antonio or his grandma Raquel in Harlingen! It’s always been something we’ve looked forward too!

This year we had hoped to make it in time to visit is great-grandma before she passed. Sadly we were a day too late. I wished we could have made it if only so that Scarlett could have had the chance to meet her. But we know that God needed her home and was ready to give her the rest she desperately needed.

Despite the sad news we still managed to have fun on our trip and I, thankfully, remembered to bring my camera along to document all of our fun adventures! I hope you enjoy the first half of our trip along with the photos I’ve included in today’s post.

Thank you so much for letting me be a small part of your day. I hope you have a blessed and beautiful one & remember you are LOVED!

Love, Riaa

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