Here Comes the Sun

Hey y'all.. I know it's been a while since I've posted anything..these last few months have been FULL of ALL sorts of changes. So many things have happened that I just haven't had the time or the ENERGY to sit down and write (well, type lol). But tonight, I find myself feeling a little sentimental … Continue reading Here Comes the Sun


Back-To-School Clothing Haul: Toddler Style

Hey y'all welcome back! Join me as I clean out my daughters clothes and take things out that no longer fit her! Toddlers grow so fast & there was so much in her closet that she had outgrown so it was time to say “bye-bye’!” But that’s not all! One I’ve cleaned out all of … Continue reading Back-To-School Clothing Haul: Toddler Style

Cleaning Motivation: Mom & Toddler Day in the Life

After a fun little weekend having BJ home and celebrating the 4th of July with a couple of family members it was time to get back to it! I woke up feeling EXTRA motivated to get some things done around m house & thought I'd pick up the camera and bring you guys along. It's … Continue reading Cleaning Motivation: Mom & Toddler Day in the Life

Mid-Year Check In: How 2020’s REALLY Going…

Hey, y’all! This year has been a HOT MESS thus far! This year has turned out NOTHING like any of us expected. Life has thrown us curve balls left and right and we are all trying our best to get through it. Yet despite it all, it hasn’t been ALL bad. At least not from … Continue reading Mid-Year Check In: How 2020’s REALLY Going…

Riojas Family Vacation 2020 Pt. 2

The second half of our vacation was a little less exciting than our first, but just a little. Some of us decided to mark the occasion by getting tattoos! "Go, Go, Power Rangers!" We were also able to attend BJ's great-grandma's funeral. Which was actually kind of interesting, they don't do things down south the … Continue reading Riojas Family Vacation 2020 Pt. 2

18 Beach Essentials for Mom & Toddler

Before having my daughter, my family loved going to the beach! BJ's grandma lives about an hour away from South Padre Island. So every summer for the past 3-4 years when we'd go down to visit her, we'd always make sure to go to the beach! ('Cause that's just the thing to do it "When … Continue reading 18 Beach Essentials for Mom & Toddler