How We Do Occupational Therapy At Home

Hey y'all so it has been a busy last few weeks! Scarlett has been doing really well in all areas of child development despite not being able to see most of her therapist face to face. We have been working with Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) since we brought Scarlett home from the hospital. In today’s … Continue reading How We Do Occupational Therapy At Home


How To Keep Your Toddler Busy While Traveling

Hello again! I'm back with some helpful advice on how to keep yout little one busy while traveling. It's no secret that I have done my fair share of traveling with Scarlett. From 30 minute car rides to the grocery store, nearly 2 hours of driving for doctor visits, to 12+ hours to visit family...we've … Continue reading How To Keep Your Toddler Busy While Traveling

Riojas Cousin Sleepover!

Hey, y'all! Thanks for stopping by today! So last week we kid napped my nephew Xavier for a couple of days so that he and Scarlett could spend some good'ol quality time together! We'd never kept him overnight before so this was a new and exciting adventure for us. They are about 7 months apart … Continue reading Riojas Cousin Sleepover!

Casual Day with Scarlett

This week has been such a productive one! But it wouldn't be anything if I didn't make sure to spend time with my little lady! We had so much fun hanging out around the house, playing in the sun, enjoying some delicious fruit and just making memories together. Which is hands down my favorite part … Continue reading Casual Day with Scarlett

Current Toddler Favorites! Join us for a full day of fun, crafts and outdoor play! Along the way I share with you guys all of the fun toys Scarlett has been enjoying, as well as some of the things that I love FOR her as a parent lol. Kiddos can be expensive but if you know where … Continue reading Current Toddler Favorites!

The Terrible Two’s are in FULL swing!

Disclaimer: This blog post is to share my honest thoughts and opinions on MY personal motherhood journey.  This is a safe place for ALL mama's to share their honest feelings on their own motherhood journey and SUPPORT one another. NO judgment allowed or needed - MOM Guilt has it covered. Motherhood - No one can … Continue reading The Terrible Two’s are in FULL swing!