2020 Reading Challenge!

It’s that time again!

I love the beginning of a new year (and in this case – a new DECADE!). This time of year always gives inspiration and hope for new beginnings, new adventures and the good vibes that come with a New Year! I love it all!

Since we have started a new year, that means it’s time to set a new reading goal and the Good Reads Reading Challenge has started all over again! If you saw my goals for last year some of those goals are still around for this year, only with a few tweaks and new ones added.

I have always been an avid reader and although my reading time has definitely cut down since becoming a mother, I still do my best to make sure I set time for myself to do so. Every year I have set a goal to read a certain amount of books throughout the year and this years (like last years) goal is 20 books!  If you are subscribed to me on YouTube than you might already be familiar with these goals but if not here are are. Within that goal of reading 20 books I have a list of “criteria” I guess you could say, of books I would like to read. I do this for the simple reason that it allows me to broaden my reading horizons and introduce new genres that I might like and would’ve never found, had I not challenged myself. As I’ve gotten older, my taste in books (while mostly the same) has changed immensely. I have discovered a newfound love of different genres that I had never before picked up or reached for in the past and I love that. I believe that reading is very important; it’s an important life-skill to have and  by reading often, it not only helps strengthen your vocabulary but keeps your brain fresh and you are constantly learning when you read.

With that being said let’s jump right into the goals I came up with for this year!

1. Read 20 books (duhh) – This is the same as last years goal (as I mentioned before). I unfortunately did NOT accomplish this year by the end of 2019 😦 (I was ONE book short!), so I am really pushing and hoping to reach it this year.

2.  Read 2 Historical Fiction books (They can be rereads.) – This is a genre of books that I have come to LOVE as an adult and last year, (if you watched my favorite books of 2019 on my YouTube Channel) my favorite book of the year was actually a Historical Fiction novel. I love reading history (especially when it is fictionalized with romance) and I can’t wait to discover something new this year.

3. Read 1 Classic novel – One of my all-time favorite authors is the classic, Jane Austen. I adore her novels and find them to be refreshing, despite the fact that they are old books. I love the English language and the way words were both written and spoken over a century ago. Although, it can sometimes be difficult to decipher what is actually being said, I love the challenge lol. I unfortunately also didn’t read ANY classics last year, and *FUN FACT* there is one book by Ms. Austen that I have not read which I’m hoping to get to that this year as well. There are also so many other classic novels I have on my shelves that I would love to get to (A Christmas Carol & Paradise, & Wuthering Heights being a few of them…) and so that is another reason for this goal making the list this year.

4. Start/Complete 3 duologies/trilogies/series – This goal might seem a little confusing but the gist of it is, to begin 3 new series (duology/trilogy) AND/OR Complete series that I have already started. Now, sometimes moving on with a series or completing one can be a challenge because they might not be complete themselves or the final books have not be published and released yet. But the goal is to try and find new ones or finish old ones. I think a good one for me to try to finish/continue on with is the “Outlander” series by Diana Gabaldon. I have picked up and read 200+ pages of “Drums of Autumn” and have yet to actually FINISH the book so…maybe this will be my year to do that! (wishful thinking…)

5. Read 1 book by Jodi Picoult, 1 by Kristin Hannah & 1 by Kasie West – These three lovely ladies, are some of my favorite authors (Kristin Hannah being the newest one), and I’m not just saying that. I really have loved the majority of their work and I love that they are constantly coming out with new books all of the time. So for me, this is a fun goal because it allows me freedom to choose something by an author who’s writing style I am already used to and love.

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6. Read 4 books that have been on my bookshelves for OVER ONE YEAR – Now this might seem a little silly, (and unbelievable if you know me well) but you would not believe the number of UNREAD books that are currently occupying my shelves! I am embarrassed to admit the exact amount (so I won’t). But seriously… there are quiet a few AND I just received a BOX FULL of new ones yesterday! Needless to say, this goal HAD TO be on my list. Because I really need to try to bring my TBR (to be read) list down. Another reason for this goal is to challenge me to be a little more frugal with my book buying and not constantly go out and buy new books. That’s not to say that I’m not allowed to buy any, (because I can & there are new releases I’m dying to get my hands on soon) but I’m also trying to take a more minimal approach to buying things this year (and not take my books for granted, lol).

7. Read book(s) by 2 NEW Authors – As I mentioned before, the goal is to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve already listed several of my favorite authors, but I know there are so many more AMAZING (or even better) ones out there, that are waiting for me to find them. I can’t do that if I am constantly reading books by ONLY my favorites so far.

8. Read 1 autobiography/biography – This is another one of those genres that I haven’t always reached for in the past. But as I’ve gotten older I appreciate these types of books and find them so interesting. Getting a glimpse into other peoples lives and their mentalities is so intriguing to me. Actually, I have a list of these types of books on my TBR list already & some of them are sitting on my shelf waiting for me to read them. (As so many of my books are!)

9. Read/Watch 1 Book to Film adaptation – So there are a TON of new movies that have come out lately that were inspired by a book first (Ashes in the Snow, Five Feet Apart & The Hate You Give being a few…). But I haven’t watched ANY of them because I am one of those people who enjoys reading the book first. I would really like to watch a few more movies this year so I’d better get to reading!

10. Read 3 NEW Children’s books with Scarlett every month – I think this one is no surprise to anyone. Especially if you know Scarlett; you know she has a passion for books (just like her mama) and she LOVES to go to the library to find new ones.  So, I figured if I am making reading goals for myself…why not set a goal that I can work on with Scarlett too? I seriously cannot express how happy it makes me to be able to bond with my daughter over books. It’s literally the best quality time EVER. The other day I sat down to read a new graphic novel that I’d picked up at Barnes & Nobles; as soon as little-miss saw me pull it out, she crawled into bed with me and fawned over the pictures as I read it aloud to her. (You probably think I’m making this up and trust me, if I’d heard anyone else say the same thing I would think so too! But I promise you, I am not.) My girl is a bibliophile to her core. (That’s how I KNOW she’s my kid 😉 )

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There you have it! Those are all of my reading goals for the year of 2020! I hope that I can accomplish at least 1/2 of them if not more. (Aiming for ALL – but that’s wishful thinking.)  If you made it all the way through to the end, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read it. I appreciate your support more than you know. Be sure to subscribe (either through a WordPress account or the E-mail list) so you don’t miss any posts from me in the future. I have A TON of new things planned for this year and I am trying to be more INTENTIONAL about how I spend my time.

Until next time!  â¤

Riaa Isabel 😉

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