Intentional – My word for 2020!

Hello loves! I’m so happy to finally be sitting down and writing for us again. (By “us” I mean both ME & you [reader] because as you know writing is another one of those happy pastimes that is extremely therapeutic for me.) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted to get this post written…But I want to share this with you. Might not be my best literary work but you know what – I’m okay with it if you are! 😉



  1. done on purpose; deliberate.

My word for the year is intentional. Last year my “unspoken” word for myself was fearless and what I discovered last year is that I am somewhat fearless (I have some growing to do), but I am also a woman of many passions/hobbies and I flourish best when I “chase my dreams”. So my word for this year is – INTENTIONAL. I have my hands in so many buckets right now it’s not even funny! (Well it is a little bit…lol) I have my blog, I have my shop (aka “my side hustle”) & now I have a YouTube channel. On top of that I am in the midst of raising a “TWO-nager” and slowly making my way back into the “legit” workforce lol.


Yes!, I am a woman of many passions and I have the best support team ever. My family has constantly been my number one support system and there has literally not been a single thing they have turned me down on or said I couldn’t do. Instead, that have been right there beside me, encouraging me along and I love them so much for it. (Thank you all, seriously from the bottom of my heart.)

I figured since I have so many beautiful people encouraging me, it was high-time I get off my bum and find that motivation to do even more!! Wait, what? Did I really just say that…? Yep! I sure did! I need to do more! Not in the sense that I am adding to my projects/side hustles/whatever you want to call them to my plate but more like, I am taking what I have created and making it BETTER. There is always room for improvement – amiright?

So this year I have created a schedule, I’ve pulled out the old planner (which I bought a year ago and NEVER USED!) and I have made it a habit for the last 3 weeks to sit down every Sunday afternoon and PLAN my week out. Is it perfect? Heck No! Is it scheduled minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But, it has bones! It’s more of an “outline” of to-do’s, what’s happening when, and a rough draft of how I plan on balancing life with my family, my blog, my YouTube channel and work!

My INTENTION for the year is to take what I have been given, what I have created and find ways to improve and balance it all! Because if I’m being honest with myself. Last year in between starting a little business, raising my daughter, having a blog and creating a YouTube channel (deep inhale) – I kind of…lost myself a little. I neglected my spiritual health, my physical health and towards the end of the year, it really started to take a toll on my mental health.

People are not wrong when they say the mind, body and spirit are all connected. 

So I’m putting in my work!

“…Tell God what you need & thank him for all he has done.” – Philippians 4:6


I’ve started up my bible study again and man-oh-man! does it feel great to feel centered and connected with Jesus again! I’ve also started attending church again…which (and this might shock you), I hadn’t done in well over 6-8 YEARS! I am slowly making my rounds around the churches here in town in hopes to find one that I can call home. A place where I can plant my roots and grow from there. Until then though, I am doing my own work and putting aside an hour a day to spend time with Jesus. Because I’ve also started “working-out” again and focusing on my physical health as well. And…the way I see it – If I can schedule time out of my day to do that; I can certainly make time to hang out with Jesus! AND if I can get up early every day to take kids to school M-F (another “side hustle”) then I can MOST CERTAINLY wake-up on Sunday mornings and spend time in God’s house. So, that’s what I am doing!

Am I telling you this to say “ohhhh look at me and what I’m doing” to rub it in your face? NO! so please don’t ever think that. (Seriously. This is about me. [‘Cause I’m selfish that way] )And sharing this with you all helps ME to keep MYSELF accountable.  And if by sharing my teeny tiny accomplishments or goals with anyone INSPIRES you to chase your dreams as well….then RIGHT ON!! You can do this! Nothing makes me happier than seeing my friends and family succeed or at least trying to accomplish whatever they have their heart set on! And if it doesn’t, then it’s still okie-dokie by me You do you boo! & I’ll do Me! 

I really feel like this year is going to be a great one! I can already feel God moving through my life and it is ah-mazing!! Not even kidding, two weeks ago I was literally in the middle of my bible study when I got a phone call, (I answered it because it was unusual for the person calling – to be calling me during that time.) It was my best friend Natalie calling me about a job offer & letting me know I was needed at a Mother’s Day Out Program! I cannot tell you how EXCITED I was to get that call.

I’d been getting the itch to get back to work. But as you know, with a two-year-old like Scarlett, I am not in the position to send her to daycare full-time to go to work. So I had been on the hunt for something that worked for me & my family. After looking around and not finding anything right away I was beginning to feel a little discouraged. But until I could find something I found other things to do until something concrete came a long…

BAM! 4 months later and God said here ya go! annnnd now I’m back at work & it is the PERFECT schedule for us! Seriously – it’s been a huge blessing for us. I am working with kids again (because y’all know thats where my heart is) and I couldn’t be more excited for all of the possibilities this year has to offer.


I hope this year is good to you! I hope that you decide to take a leap of faith, take the bull by the horns, and chase your dreams! If you fall, shake it off, get back up and keep going! You never know what the future holds and what God’s plan for you is.


Thank you all so much for taking the time out of your day to read this little blog of mine. Let me know if you have a “word for the year” or what some of your goals are. Let’s encourage each other and support one another because there is nothing better than accomplishing a goal, than to have someone to celebrate with once you achieve it!

Y’all have a blessed and beautiful day and I’ll see ya next time!

Love, Riaa

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