Riojas Cousin Sleepover!

Hey, y'all! Thanks for stopping by today! So last week we kid napped my nephew Xavier for a couple of days so that he and Scarlett could spend some good'ol quality time together! We'd never kept him overnight before so this was a new and exciting adventure for us. They are about 7 months apart … Continue reading Riojas Cousin Sleepover!

Casual Day with Scarlett

This week has been such a productive one! But it wouldn't be anything if I didn't make sure to spend time with my little lady! We had so much fun hanging out around the house, playing in the sun, enjoying some delicious fruit and just making memories together. Which is hands down my favorite part … Continue reading Casual Day with Scarlett

Cleaning Motivation: Mom & Toddler Day in the Life

After a fun little weekend having BJ home and celebrating the 4th of July with a couple of family members it was time to get back to it! I woke up feeling EXTRA motivated to get some things done around m house & thought I'd pick up the camera and bring you guys along. It's … Continue reading Cleaning Motivation: Mom & Toddler Day in the Life

5 Motherhood Confessions

I like to think I am a really good mom. Some days I'd even consider myself a GREAT mom. But trust me when I say, there are definitely moments when I feel as though I don't know WHY I was chosen for motherhood! Honestly. When it comes to judging myself on motherhood - I'm a … Continue reading 5 Motherhood Confessions