Chapter Nine: Wait for It…

You know how when you're riding a roller coaster and the train goes up and up and up until you FINALLY reach the very top and before you know it you're plummeting to the bottom? That's one way to sum up the next events in Scarlett's journey. Only instead of reaching the top, we were … Continue reading Chapter Nine: Wait for It…

Chapter Eight: Another Bump in the Road

It was the start of a new year! 2018 had finally rolled around and brought with it exciting new things for Scarlett. She had finally reached the point where she was able to maintain her own body temperature, which meant she could be in an "Open Crib" (aka a big girl bed, for most babies … Continue reading Chapter Eight: Another Bump in the Road

Chapter Seven: Many the Mile(stones)

You know that hour moms and dads are given to bond with their baby right after they are born? The Golden Hour, it's the first time a mother gets to carry her child and hold them to her chest. That was something I was most excited about and looking forward to my whole pregnancy. As … Continue reading Chapter Seven: Many the Mile(stones)

Chapter Five: A Whole New World

At first, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit can be a very intimidating place. But when your stay is as long as Scarlett's was, you get to know the staff really well and it becomes something like a second home...almost. Within the first couple of days, Scarlett became extremely sick. Almost immediately she had developed an … Continue reading Chapter Five: A Whole New World

Chapter Four: First Impressions

A week before I had Scarlett, I took a second field trip down to L&D. I was terrified all over again; the only thing I kept thinking was, “God please don’t let her come out. She’s still not ready.” On the way down they called NICU and one of the Neonatologists met with me. I … Continue reading Chapter Four: First Impressions