Tiny Warrior: A Journal For NICU Families

I did something new. As you know, if you've been around for a while, I created this blog as a means to share my daughter, Scarlett's, story. Scarlett was a micro-preemie born at 23 weeks and 6 days (you can read her story HERE), and ever since she's come home I have taken the time … Continue reading Tiny Warrior: A Journal For NICU Families

Helping Hands: How to Help a NICU Family

Before Scarlett, I am thankful to say that I had never before spent a long period of time in the hospital.  It was a complete shock for me to go from living a relatively normal life to living life - in a hospital.  It took time to process it all. Not only was my baby … Continue reading Helping Hands: How to Help a NICU Family

#forEVERLYchanged Guest Post: Jenny Rogers

Having a baby in the NICU is not something any parent plans for. At least, that’s what I used to believe until I met Jenny & Hal Rogers. When Scarlett was 8 weeks old, I was having my daily chit-chat with her when I noticed some people walking around the pod. I wasn’t sure what … Continue reading #forEVERLYchanged Guest Post: Jenny Rogers

Chapter Six: Finding Balance

One thing that everyone always told me while Scarlett was in NICU was to remember to "take care of myself". Scarlett was in excellent, capable hands and while my being there was necessary and extremely beneficial for the BOTH of us. I knew it was important to take care of my self too. In the … Continue reading Chapter Six: Finding Balance