Hey y'all, it's been a while... I'm sure some of you might be wondering where I've been, maybe some of you didn't notice my absence. Either way, I'm here today and so are you (if you're reading this lol)! Man, this year has been a hard one. There has been a lot going on in … Continue reading Nana

Bible Study Reflection: The World Interrupted

I was doing my bible study yesterday, (if you are looking for a good devotional you should definitely check out Wholehearted by Jordan Lee Dooley), I was given this devotional at Christmas the year Scarlett was born and as you can imagine I spent a lot of my time ACTIVELY seeking the Lords comfort and … Continue reading Bible Study Reflection: The World Interrupted

Intentional – My word for 2020!

Hello loves! I'm so happy to finally be sitting down and writing for us again. (By "us" I mean both ME & you [reader] because as you know writing is another one of those happy pastimes that is extremely therapeutic for me.) I can't tell you how many times I've attempted to get this post … Continue reading Intentional – My word for 2020!

Epilogue: Balancing Act – Life after NICU

After Scarlett's grand escape from NICU, she and I didn’t immediately go home. Home for us is actually 2 hours away in Andrews, Tx.  So going “home” for Scarlett meant an extended stay at Grandma Sylvia's and Popo’s house (my mom & her boyfriend).  Both of whom we are so incredibly thankful for, for opening … Continue reading Epilogue: Balancing Act – Life after NICU