Here Comes the Sun

Hey y’all.. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything..these last few months have been FULL of ALL sorts of changes. So many things have happened that I just haven’t had the time or the ENERGY to sit down and write (well, type lol). But tonight, I find myself feeling a little sentimental and I decided I’d spend this time to let it out. (Despite the giant pile of laundry staring me down right now…which I’m going to do my best to ignore.)

This weekend was a BUSY one. Scarlett was away for the ENTIRE weekend, which rarely happens, and I took full advantage of it by FINALLY tackling the tornado that has been my house, while also turning what has been Scarlett’s “play” room into an actual big girl bedroom for her.

My sweet girl is 3.5 years old is FINALLY being transitioned out of our room. Yes, you read that right. THREE and a half years old and we are giving her to boot! It’s no secret that I cherish and really try to soak in each milestone with Scarlett, but this is a BIG one. Probably one of the toughest I’ve faced yet. You see, Scarlett has always slept in the same room as BJ & me. Since the day she came home from the hospital, she’s never been more than an arms reach away from either one of us a night. First it was the guest room we shared at my moms house, and then we brought her HOME HOME to our one-bedroom apartment where we literally had no choice BUT to share a room with her. Then came our big house, and even though she’s had her “own room” for the past year and half that we’ve lived here, we still chose to keep her in the same room as us.

But as of tonight, that’s all changing. BJ & I worked hard all weekend long cleaning out her toys and rearranging furniture so that when she came back from Nana & Papos, she’d have a nice BIG GIRL room surprise. I have to say, it was well worth the effort. She was so excited to see her big girl bed in her room! All day long she played in it and did a really good job trying to keep it clean. (Which is a HUGE deal for any kid lol. YAY for small victories!) When it came time for bed, I really did the best I could to hype her up and get her all excited to sleep in her own room. While sleeping in her own bed isn’t something new to her, we did co-sleep every once in a while, she has definitely always been a tiny human who enjoys her space and has been sleeping in her own bed for sometime now. (Something I felt was really important to get her used to first before making her sleep in a room all by herself right off the bat.)

Getting her to bed was A LOT easier than I thought it would be. (did I say that too loud…) She picked out her jammies, happily brushed her teeth and could not WAIT to snuggle under her blankets. Seriously, it was so smooth. Her daddy came in and kissed her goodnight, and I read 3 bedtime stories before she finally told me to stop talking and close my eyes. LOL! She snuggled up with Pluto and asked to “hold me” as she yawned and fought (not too hard) for her sleep. The entire time I was a little anxious. I honestly didn’t think it would go the way it did. I was expecting tears and cries and I even prepared myself to sleep on the floor if that’s what it was going to take. But nope! TWENTY minutes and she was out like a light! I literally had no clue what to do. I even text my bestie (Natty) to ask her when she thought would be a good time to sneak out because I had no clue!

My baby girl is growing up. It makes me so happy, but I’d be lying if I said that I was a little said to see how simple it all was. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not naive enough to think that it’s going to be that easy tomorrow. Especially when she wakes up & realizes I didn’t stay in the room with her. In fact, I am fully prepared to NOT sleep well tonight in anticipation of that nighttime freak-out, that I pray doesn’t happen, but I know is probably inevitable. But right now, in this moment, it is taking all I’ve got not to go back in there, scoop her up and take her to our room. It’s going to be so different. As moms, we become accustomed to all of the noises our children make, even in their sleep. It’s like this giant elephant in the room that cannot be ignored. Even during those nights when we wished we could, as those tiny hands reach for our blankets and tap on our shoulders to ask “can I lay with you?” We just KNOW that they are there and it brings us peace.

Now, my little person is all the way down the hall from me and it’s just hard. I know this is only the first night. I know there will still be those nights when she’ll sneak into our room and ask to sleep with us. But the fact that she is growing up is hard to swallow. I prayed so hard for these milestones to be a reality and I take so much joy in the fact that I have been blessed to see it all come true. But these mama “growing pains” don’t come without a little heartache. So my friends, tonight I ask that you pray with me. Pray that Scarlett’s first night in her big girl bedroom goes well and that my little mama heart can be at peace with the fact that little by little, the baby I prayed to keep, is growing up and becoming who God created her to be.

Thank y’all so much for taking time to read what I had to share. If there is something you need me to pray for feel free to comment down below.

Love, Riaa

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