Back-To-School Clothing Haul: Toddler Style

Hey y’all welcome back!

Join me as I clean out my daughters clothes and take things out that no longer fit her! Toddlers grow so fast & there was so much in her closet that she had outgrown so it was time to say “bye-bye’!” But that’s not all! One I’ve cleaned out all of the clothes that no longer fit her, I will dig into her “grow-into” bin and pull out all of the clothe she will need in the upcoming months! A HUGE thank you to my in-laws for spoiling our girl rotten with a whole new wardrobe from OLD NAVY. We found so many items on sale that I know Scarlett is going to look super cute in! I also want to thank everyone who has passed down clothing that their kiddos had outgrown and that were given to Scarlett. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate everything! We truly have the BEST friends and family ever! 

Let me know how you if you have a “grow-into” bin for your kiddos and how you shop for things to put inside!

I hope y’all found today’s video helpful, or at least entertaining! Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your day! Have a blessed and beautiful one!

Love, Riaa

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