Cleaning Motivation: Mom & Toddler Day in the Life

After a fun little weekend having BJ home and celebrating the 4th of July with a couple of family members it was time to get back to it! I woke up feeling EXTRA motivated to get some things done around m house & thought I’d pick up the camera and bring you guys along.

It’s fun being a stay at home mom, but it can be challenging to balance house work + entertaining your toddler at the same time. As much as I HATE that Scarlett is growing up, I love how INDEPENDENT she is becoming and that she enjoys doing things more on her own or just without as much help for me (my mama heart breaks a little at that realization). But it definitely makes multi-tasking easier on ME!

Here is what we did to get our week started on the RIGHT foot.

In case your are interested I always have any products I use or mention in videos listed in the discription box of the actual video, but if you are watching from this platform, I will list everything here for you too!

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Y’all have a blessed and beautiful day!

Love, Riaa


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