5 Motherhood Confessions

274DDC22-E477-4FE9-83BE-FD7734BA1DB1_1_101_o I like to think I am a really good mom. Some days I’d even consider myself a GREAT mom. But trust me when I say, there are definitely moments when I feel as though I don’t know WHY I was chosen for motherhood! Honestly. When it comes to judging myself on motherhood – I’m a mixed bag of emotions.

As a blogger and a YouTuber, I feel as though a lot of the times I show the bright and shiny parts of the (mother)hood life. Which is all well and good – because I’m pretty sure half-of, if not the majority of my followers are only here for Scarlett. (Which is 100% fine by me! I am too! lol) But I want to get real honest with you all and share some of my #momfails and parts of mommy-hood I’m not so great at. I am not perfect and as I’m sure you know, mommin’ AIN’T always easy! + I know I always feel better when I hear other moms fess up to their mistakes…lol makes me feel a little better about myself.

These are my confessions…

1. My toddler does NOT have a set bed-time.

Yup, that’s right. Miss. Sassy pants does not have a bed-time. At least not one that can be found on a  “Pinterest worthy” sleep schedule for toddlers. She goes to bed when BJ and I go to bed – which is usually around 10:30-11:00pm. Some nights, like on the weekend, it can be as late as 12:00-12:30. Its not for lack of tryin’ our girl is just a PARTY animal. And trust me when I say she STILL manages to wake up at a decent hour the next morning.

2. We are still co-sleeping.

I know everyone has their own opinions on this (as I’ve said before no one needs your judgment – mom guilt’s got ya covered!) I wouldn’t mind this so much if… my tiny human didn’t take up so much SPACE! She literally winds up kicking me in my ribs, my back, my face…& there have been numerous occasions where BJ has moved from the bed to the couch in the middle of the night. So yeah… there’s that. We’ve slowly been working to transition her OUT of our bed but it’s been a verrrrrryyyyy sssslllloooowwww process.

3. I sleep in…EVEN though my toddler wakes up before I do.

I say I sleep in, but  I can honestly say there is no such thing as TRULY sleeping in when you have young children. It’s more like a light slumber juuuuuusstt in case the little one tries to get any ideas. I will add that I would consider it an art to have “trained” your little one to sit quietly & watch cartoons so mommy can catch a few extra z’s. Especially after dealing with being jabbed in the stomach by toddler’s feet throughout the night.

4. TV is sometimes my babysitter. 

Now hear me out, I know that TV time should be limited and for the most part in my household it is. But there are some days when I NEED to get things done around the house. And even though my child has ALLLLLLL the toys there are times when she refuses to play with any. So TV is the answer. Before I became a mom I used to think that letting your child watch tv all day was ridiculous and I couldn’t imagine letting my child do that. But here I am! Two and half years into motherhood and I thank the good Lord for Disney+, Sesame Street & Netflix. Because without them I feel as though I would NEVER get anything done.

5. I’ve locked my kid in her room before.

I know this one sounds bad…but they are “you had to be there” moments because I can guarantee you would probably do the same. Being a stay at home mom is a HUGE blessing that I try not to take for granted. But there have been more times when Scarlett and I just bump heads and don’t get along. My simple solution during those times (without losing my cool) is to lock her up in her room until we, well I, have had time to calm down enough to figure out a way to deal with her big feelings.

So there you have it! My motherhood confessions, I know these aren’t the worse things… or maybe to some of you they are… but its the flat out truth and I cannot deny it.

I hope that these motherhood truths made you feel a little less guilty about your own mom truths. And remember despite how you feel about yourself in motherhood, you are ENOUGH and that at the end of the day your kiddos love you for exactly who you are.

Thank you all for checking in with me today and allowing me to be a small part of your day! I hope you have a blessed and beautiful weekend!!



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