12 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is literally AROUND the corner – and I know this guide is a little last minute! BUT if you run on the late show…this one is especially for you! LOL

I don’t mean to brag but I consider myself a really good gift giver. Something about finding the perfect gift for someone that I know they would absolutely love is so fun! However, not everyone has this…talent. If you are like SOME people I know… and have a hard time choosing gifts for ANYONE. Then I’m here to help you out and share with you some great gift ideas (for ALL budgets).  These are in no particular order and have various price points, so I know you are bound to find something on this list for that special woman in your life. Of course not every woman is the same, some ladies love the finer things in life, while others are a little more on the minimalistic side. Either way, I hope this list is helpful or at the very least, gives you a starting point.

  1. Mom & Me Photoshoot/ Canvas Print

    IMG_7309 2
    My First Mother’s Day 2018 Photo Credit: Jaded Lenz Photography

    If you are buying for a first time mom, a photoshoot for Mother’s Day or a Canvas Print (or even beautifully framed photo) would make the absolute perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Nothing is more special than experiencing your first mother’s day and what better way to celebrate that than with a photo shoot to document this milestone in life.

  2. Cozy, Comfy Pajama Set 
    Now would be the perfect time to invest in a cozy comfy set of pajama for your sweet mama. Since most of us are staying home these days, not many of us are getting dressed to the nines. Which is 100% under stable, so why not make home comforts feel even better with a nice set of PJ’s or maybe a cozy robe & house shoes.
  3. Something She CollectsIMG_7342Okay, so I know this is sort of a broad suggestion, but you can never go wrong with gifting your mom something she collects. (Unless she’s more of a minimalist than this probably isn’t the gift idea you were looking for – but it’s still a fun one.) People collect a variety of things; I myself collect super cute coffee mugs, while my mom collects keys chains & some of my tia’s collect crosses, elephant statues & other little nick-knacks. If you want to make this gift even more personal and meaningful, hopefully, you can find that rare gem you know your mom has been looking for but hasn’t been able to find. Or maybe splurge a little (within reason…) and get her the collectible you know she’s been eyeing but hasn’t been able to afford for herself.
  4. Letter/Poem
    Writing a letter (or a poem if you have a talent for that) is another one of those gifts you can never go wrong with. It’s something that is so personal and so meaningful that you just can’t put a price on it. I don’t care how old you are, you can never tell your mama too many times how much you love her or thank her enough for all of the things she has done for you. (Because I can guarantee she’s done more for you than you will ever know.) So take some time, reminisce on those special moments you’ve shared with her throughout your life, and just tell her how much she means to you. I promise a mother never gets tired of hearing you say “I love you.”
  5. Charm Bracelet or Necklace
    I LOVE this type of gift because you can easily tailor it specifically for the recipient. If your mama is a southern bell who makes the best sweet tea you’ve ever had (There’s a charm for that!) Or maybe she loves butterflies or is a music teacher, or a nurse, whatever her occupation may be – you can find the perfect charm that reminds you of her. Or you can look at it from a different angle and find a charm that represents you. Maybe you have an inside joke or a memory that only you two share together. Finding a charm that she can have with her always is what makes this kind of gift so special.
    James Avery is my personal favorite place to shop for this type of gift. They have an endless assortment of charms that are made from sterling silver and they offer free cleanings for life to keep your jewelry looking brand new. Depending on what your budget looks like charms from James Avery vary in price point with their starting price being at $18.
  6.  A Great Book
    If you know me you know this one was going to make the list! A good book is ALWAYS a good gift to give – to ANYONE on ANY OCCASION. But since this is a “Mother’s Day” gift guide, I’ll be a little more specific and offer a few suggestions in case you need some ideas.
    + Outlander by Diana Gabaldon: If your mama loves to read about time travel and hunky Scottish men – this is the series for her. (It’s also a TV Show on Stars so if you plan to give her this, you might as well sign her up for the Stars app so she can watch as she reads along. She’ll thank you later.)
    + The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah: If you know she is a fan of Historical Fiction and doesn’t mind having a good cry. This book is absolutely beautiful and she will love it! & If you haven’t read it either…what are you waiting for. Buy a copy for each of you and read it together.
    + Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas: If your mom is like me and loves a good Young Adult Fantasy series, this book (or any by SJM) is a great read! I promise she will not be disappointed.
    +The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish: If your mom has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. I highly recommend this book. Haddish is Hilarious! lol
  7. Perfume
    Close your eyes and think about your mom. Studies have shown that a sense of smell can more often than not, trigger certain memories, and vice versa. So I’m betting that when you think of your mom, you can remember the smell of her perfume. This is why giving her a full-sized  (or even a travel-sized) bottle of her favorite perfume would make a perfect gift. It would remind her that you notice the little things about her that make her special to you. Plus what woman doesn’t love a new bottle of her favorite perfume?
  8. Flowers/Plant (or Gardening Tools)
    If you know your mama has a green thumb and loves to be in her garden this would be the perfect opportunity for you to add to her little garden family. If you know she loves roses but hasn’t had success with growing her own, now is the perfect time to pick one out from the store so she can take care of and later replant it on her own. OR if you know she is constantly working in her garden, she might need some new gardening tools and while you’re at it throw in a new set of gloves and a hat to protect herself from the sun. 
  9. A New Purse
    What woman can say no to a new purse? Depending on your moms’ personal style this can either make or break your budget. (Again, it’s a good time & reason to splurge – but within REASON.) As moms we are constantly carrying around a miniature version of our house with us (especially moms with littles), so a good sturdy purse is always something we could use. However, if mom has a good purse she loves and is not ready to retire yet. A matching wallet or coin purse is a good option. If all of the above are taken and maybe the mama you’re buying for needs a little help with keeping things organized. I highly recommend that you check out this little shop called Eden & Emeralds, it is the perfect place to find all the organizational pouches that every mama could use.

  10. Spa Day (or Homemade Spa Kit) 
    Any mama will tell you that if they could have anything, aside from a week’s vacation from kids, the next best thing would be a spa day. Or a facial. Or a massage or something that allows her to have an hour or two by herself doing some self-care. This is extremely important for any mama and while I think this should be a monthly occurrence, I know that’s not always possible. (Everything is chaos if mom’s not there to handle it, amirite?)
  11. Personalized T-shirt/Blanket/Cup
    Personalized anything is always such great gifts to receive and a really big right now. It is also a great way to support small businesses during this time, so if you can find a small shop that does personalization gifts I would highly recommend using them! You can’t go wrong! Here are a few examples for you:


  12. Homemade crafts from the Grandkids
    Now I can, give you a list upon list upon list of gift ideas. But I can guarantee 100% that the BEST gift your mom will ever receive and one I know she’ll cherish forever is a gift from her grandkids. ESPECIALLY one that is handmade. You just can’t go wrong. Now, I didn’t come up with all of these ideas nor did I make any of these with my own daughter but I did find some cute ideas on Pinterest for you to check out.
    Image 2
    With that being said… we all know that handmade gifts, special as they, tend to pile up and can’t be displayed in all their beautiful handmade glory forever. So my solution for you is this:  SCAN these special projects (if you have an iPhone you can do this easily by opening up the Notes app and click the Camera button. It will then ask if you want to Take a Photo or Scan Document. Scan the document and save it!) This way you can save these over time and create a digital photo album to have in case a handmade project gets lost, damaged or “misplaced” later on.

So that’s my list! Those are all of the ideas I could think of for last-minute Mother’s Day gifts. I hope this was helpful and inspired you to dig deep and really think about how you can show your mom (or the mother of your children) how much you love and appreciate her and make her feel special.

Thank you all so much for stopping by my little space today, I hope to see you all again!

Love, Riaa

**This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.


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