Blessed & Beautiful Decal

We are are blessed and beautiful in many ways, whether we believe it or not.

It has always been my hope to inspire and encourage others in life and help them through the hard seasons (like the one we are all in now). Believing in yourself is not an easy thing to do and I would be lying if I said I didn’t face demons of doubt on a daily basis. But remembering all of the GOOD things that God has done in my life and believing in who HE SAYS I AM is really all that matters and is what keeps me going.

I pray the same for you all. I pray that in your darkest moments when those fears and insecurities fight their way to the forefront of your mind and threaten to take away your happiness, that you find the strength and the courage to overcome those lies and remember that you are BLESSED and BEAUTIFUL always.

Thank you for supporting my blog, it is because of you all that I keep at it! And to show my appreciation for you all I have created this cute decal! All you have to do to snag one for FREE is make sure you follow my blog/YouTube channel (either through your WordPress/YouTube account or email. And Send me proof  via email or you can shoot me a message via IG @riaa.isabel). That’s it!

You can also purchase one if you would like more than one, through PayPal.

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