A Love Like This: Being a Mother to a Micro-Preemie

This is real life for me. I have so much story left to share with you all and I promise I am working on it. I just have so much going on! Lol. But here is just a little glimpse of life for us and how I am feeling.

Mama & Me at the park for Physical Therapy

Ever since we brought Scarlett home from the hospital my whole life has been all about taking care of her and watching/helping her grow into who she is. I shuttle her around from the doctor office to the doctor’s office, we go to the library or to the park or to a play date with our best friends. We make 1.5 hour-long visits from home to Lubbock, for those doctor visits (because we love our doctors over there), and to visit family frequently. We have different therapy sessions scheduled 1-2 times a week…

And in all of that madness (because it can honestly feel that way at times), I sometimes forget to take a breather and just soak it all in.

She is already a year and a half – feisty as ever with a side of extra sass, and I know that these little years with her are going to come and go so fast.

Nap Time

So in times like these, when this week we have an appointment [or two] of some kind scheduled every day of the week, I look forward to our moments of rest. I love our cuddles and our time to just be Mama & Scarlett together. I am so incredibly lucky that I am able to be with her every single day and watch her grow and see how much she is changing over time. It’s such a huge blessing that I know I sometimes take for granted (something I thought I’d never do – but I’m only human & it happens). When life finally quiets down just a little, it gives me time to reflect on it all and I realize just how truly happy I am in motherhood.

It can feel overwhelming and exhausting at times. I constantly worry about whether or not I am doing everything humanly possible to give Scarlett the love and care she deserves. (Something I’m sure all mothers are guilty of.) But I am so PROUD of what we have accomplished so far. She is moving mountains just like BJ & I, and so many of you knew she would. She’s hitting milestones at her own pace like she’s done with everything else her whole life and it’s amazing to see.

Enjoying the sun during our Sunday Kick-Ball game with Daddy’s work friends.

Knowing how much she has overcome and bearing witness to the little miracle that she fills me with such an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude. Each time I think about our story, that song “Love Like This” by Lauren Daigle plays in my head and brings me to tears.

I honestly don’t know what I have done to deserve a love like this.

Feeding a Squirrel @ the San Antonio Zoo with Daddy

I hope you are all having a beautiful Wednesday. And know that whatever you are, whatever you’re feeling or doing: God loves you. Whether you think you deserve it or not. 💜


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