Sweet Autumn Rain

I started a small shop!!

It feels so crazy to say that…BUT I DID IT!  As some of you already know (from Facebook) I recently opened a small little shop called “Sweet Autumn Rain”.  And yes, it’s namesake is Scarlett Rain ❤

I know to some it might seem random but honestly, crafting is just another one of those things that I love to do. Making “homemade” things have always been so much FUN! I’ve done everything from bookmarks, decals, t-shirts, Halloween Costumes! You name it, I’ve probably done it once or twice. Am I a professional at it – heck no! But I sure do put a lot of love, heart, and soul into it.

This past Christmas (2018) I made a ton of personalized gifts for everyone in my family. Some of those gifts were faux leather earrings for all of the women & close friends in my life. As I was making them, I realized not only was I actually pretty good at it, but people LOVED them & it was something that I had a lot of fun doing.

If you know me personally, you know that I am definitely a jeans, t-shirt & sneakers kind of girl. I don’t wear much jewelry AT ALL other than my Apple Watch and the few pieces that BJ has gifted me over the years. HOWEVER, when I was in high school, I was still a jeans & t-shirt kind of girl, but I always liked to wear a set of really cute earrings to “dress up” my outfit.

So it shouldn’t have come as such a surprise when I realized that MAKING earrings were something I really LOVED doing. (It was one of those “duh” moments lol)

Opening a shop, wasn’t exactly on my list of things I wanted to accomplish for myself this year. But I figured – why not!? I have time, I love doing it, and people really seem to be interested in them. So I’m giving it a try and so far, it’s going really well. (Thank you, Jesus!) As I mentioned before, self-care and doing things for ME is one of my focus’ this year and something I’m trying to be better at.

Blogging has definitely brought so much joy and peace into my life.  I don’t ever feel the pressure or need to write or post things. It’s just something I genuinely enjoy doing. I’m proud of this blog. I’m proud of myself for having the courage to put my writing out there for the world to see. Now, if anyone reads what I write… I have no idea & I have no idea if people actually enjoy my writing, but the not knowing doesn’t bother me and I’m not really worried what the answer might be. Because as much as I appreciate those who have taken the time to read my stuff, I’m not doing this for you. I do this for me.

The same can be said for my new little shop! I hope it’s successful and so far it has been. But, if it’s not or something goes wrong, then that’s okay. At least I can say that I tried. (Plus, I can just wear all of my cute earrings myself and be HAPPY! 😉 )

I think my favorite part so far about this little adventure of mine (aside from picking out all of the beautiful colors & patterns I use) is the support I have from my family. No matter what I have done or tried to do in the past, they have always been my #1 fan-club and have cheered me on. For that, I can’t tell you all how much I love and appreciate you. ❤ You guys are the BEST!


If you are interested and would like to see this little creation of mine – follow the link below (and be sure to let me know if you came from here!).

Sweet Autumn Rain

Thank you guys for your time! I hope you have a beautiful & blessed day.






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