Chapter Three: Ready or Not, Here She Comes!

I guess I should probably start out by telling you that this was my third time down to L&D – within those TWO WEEKS. So, I can understand WHY it took so long to convince my nurse in antepartum to call the doctors in. But we all know our bodies best so when things don’t feel right, we know. And things were not feeling so great for me. I tried to keep myself calm. I remember telling my self, “Okay Maria, deep breaths. Don’t stress or you’ll stress Scarlett out. Everything’s going to be okay.” As they began rolling me downstairs, I passed by some of my nurses who had been taking care of me. They held my hand and wished me the best, I told them not to worry. I’ll be riiight back…
But I wasn’t.
As I said before my nurse asked me to keep track of my “cramps” and let her know if they started to come more frequently. Once they did, the doctors were called in and they did an ultrasound which showed Scarlett’s positioning and that I was now dilated to a 3.
Now here is where my story gets a little crazier.
At this point, my mom, sister, and in-laws were with me, and BJ was hauling butt all the way from home in Andrews to get there. They were all praying Scarlett wouldn’t come but preparing themselves just in case she did.
For whatever reason, most likely because my doctors just did not WANT me to be in labor (as if I did…) they told me I was probably just experiencing Braxton Hicks. So they gave me some medication to help me sleep. They told me to “just try to relax and get some rest.”
Yeah right!!
Ladies (for those of you who’ve had children) did any of you get ANY sleep during LABOR??
Ha, I didn’t think so. Neither did I.
Several hours later, my contractions began to increase in frequency and intensity. By now, all of the grandparents had gone home to rest, thinking Scarlett wasn’t going to make her debut after all.
It was just me, BJ, and my sister.
Whatever medicine they gave me DID NOT WORK. Because it felt like my body was being ripped wide open. And the pressure…oh my gosh!! Never in my life, had I felt so much pressure. It honestly felt like I had to take the biggest poop of my life!!
I literally kept yelling (because I was extremely pissed off at this point), “I JUST NEED TO POOP!!” I swore if only they would let me poop everything was going to feel better. Scarlett was going to be okay, she wasn’t going to come out. I just needed to poop. Which had been hard to do (you know, with the whole…doing it while having to lay down). But nope. My sister kept telling me “DON’T POOP!”
By now, my nurse had been checking on me frequently and the doctors said they were monitoring my progress outside.
I just felt so angry. I felt like no one was listening to me. No one wanted to believe I was in labor. No one did anything about the pain I was in. AND no one wanted to let me poop!
All at once, people swarmed the room, literally. There were at LEAST twenty people in there. NICU was called and they had a team set up and ready for Scarlett. As I lay there, pissed off, in pain and with 20+ people staring at my lady bits, I remember looking to BJ. He was so calm, but you could see the worry and concern in his face. He held my hand and (I think knew better) stayed very quiet.
At last.
One of the doctors told me it was time, I could finally push.
One push – that was all it took.
Instantly, that pressure was gone.
Everything after that happened super fast.
I remember looking down and seeing the doctor cup his hands and hand Scarlett off, I didn’t even get to see her. BJ held my hand, I looked up at him and he said, “ You did so good babe. You did good.”
I looked to my sister next, she had been standing behind BJ but was now hovering over the NICU team and watching Scarlett. I just kept staring in that corner. When she finally caught my eye, she nodded, hands held tightly in front of her, and said, “She’s good. She’s okay.” She had the biggest smile on her face.
I don’t remember anything else after that. BJ traded places with my sister to see his daughter for the first time and Monica came to my side. Apparently, when Scarlett came out she was packed and ready to go. She brought everything with her. My water never even broke, when she came out she was still in the bag and the placenta came with her. They had to break it to get her out. BJ & my sister say she looked like a little football.
Scarlett also has ninja skills. Remember those stitches they used to sew my cervix? They were still intact. All seven of them. The doctor who delivered Scarlett had to cut them out afterward. Somehow, she managed to wiggle herself and all her “baggage” over them.
Crazy right?
So there you have it.
On October 31st, 2017 at 1:58 a.m., weighing in at 1 pound 3 ounces and 10 inches long,
Scarlett Rain Riojas made her grand entrance into the world. (And none of the grandmas were there to witness it lol)

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